-2.4 Pounds!!!!

Wednesday, Apr 23

I can hardly believe it.  I mean, I definitely followed the plan all week, but I sure didn’t expect such results.
A lot of you asked about the stones I was wearing when I conked out–:)–I know what some of them were, of course, but others have slipped my mind.  In tomorrow’s blog, which I certainly hope to get to at a decent hour of the day, I will let you know the answers.  Many of you are looking for help with sleep, and I can recommend something for that–Bloodstone.  Despite its name, this is a lovely stone and it’s very good for insomniacs.  Some of you will remember when I blogged about keeping three of these stones in a little dish of water next to my bed.  I had to ratchet down to one or two stones and move the dish farther from my bed.  In other words, this remedy really, really works.
Whatever the reason, I seem to have shaken off the winter doldrums at long last, because I am so inspired I can hardly wait for tomorrow so I can start writing, writing, writing!
I sure wish I knew how to check the status of my chakras and my aura, 🙂 because I feel like a new woman.  Which is NOT to say I will EVER wear so many bracelets at once again–much too powerful.  I must have been more tired than I realized, as some of you suggested in the comment section, but I certainly didn’t feel that way until immediately before I crashed.  I rested really well the night before.
As for checking to make sure I was alive, I’m told several people did just that.  Jenni came and got Bernice (the Yorkie) and took her for her afternoon walk and I didn’t even stir!  I guess the reasoning went that if I was sleeping like that, I must have needed it.  🙂
The funny thing is, I had no trouble at all going to sleep again, later in the evening.  I did stay up later than usual, listening to Jim Harold’s podcasts.
We’re still getting our fair share of spring rain–and then some–but it’s good for Mother Earth, so no complaints from this quarter.
Jen, Wendy and I had our usual after-Weight Watchers lunch today–this time at Red Lobster.  I think those cheese biscuits are the most delicious thing I’ve ever tasted, but as rarely as I indulge in them, and since I managed to limit myself to one, I figure I’m fine.  I did wipe out the last of my black jelly beans a couple of days ago, and I remember them fondly, but I can’t say I’ve actually missed them.  I just don’t crave things and, believe me, that is a miracle.
GOT GHOSTS, the audio book I mentioned, was pretty entertaining, and short.  Some of the messages were hilariously funny, too–the whole book consisted of emails and letters the author, a ghost-hunter, had received, outlining the problems they were having with paranormal visitors.  The narrator read these gems exactly as they were written, and in some cases, that was a major hoot.  For instance, there was the guy who was worried that his neighbors might be “Satin” worshippers.  Now, I’ve known some people who were really into smooth fabrics, but, hey–worship?  Not so much.  Then there were the folks who claimed they’d seen “apparations”.  Love it.    Lest you get the idea that the author was disrespectful, however, I must say that he took the situations, some of which were pretty darn scary, quite seriously.
Keep commenting.  On Friday, there will be two new winners. 
Will you be one of them?
Could happen.  🙂   
In the meantime, watch out for apparations.

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