A brief report

Wednesday, Jan 07

Down 1.2 pounds at Weight Watchers today–excellent meeting!  If you’re in WW, or thinking of joining, be sure to find a group you enjoy, because that makes all the difference.  On one of my previous attempts, I didn’t connect with the leader very well, and that doesn’t help.  On the other hand, attitude is everything, and I apparently had a less than ideal one going at the time.  🙂  I would, of course, like to be farther along than I am, but there’s no hurry, since I’m in for the duration. 
I’m listening to a great memoir called “It Was Me All Along”, written by Andie Mitchell.  Andie’s weight loss journey is fascinating, and her story really touched my heart.  She’s been through some rough stuff, but she’s still in there plugging, and I have enormous respect for that.  I’m not finished with the book yet, but she has mentioned losing 135 pounds.  WOW.  That’s a whole person, for heaven’s sake.  Impressive!  Plus, Andie is a skilled baker, and I was inspired to read that she’s learned to savor her food without overdoing it.
Speaking of food, I think I’m hungry.  🙂
See you tomorrow.

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