A Few Saturday Notes

Saturday, Jul 11

Recently, I mentioned a book I read, called “Little Girls”.  I’ve finished it now, and I’ve got to tell you two things: first, there is some very disturbing stuff in the story and, second, the ending is pretty ambiguous.  You are, of course, perfectly capable of deciding what you want to read.  🙂  So, this is merely a heads up.  If you’re into horror, you will probably like this book.  While I happen to love ghost stories and various kinds of suspense, I’m not so big on horror.  Up to you.  Please take note: I am not panning this author’s book–I know how hard it is to write anything.  The story is well-plotted, the characters are well drawn.
Now, I’ll shut up about it.  🙂
We awakened to a miracle here in Spokane this morning–RAIN.  Right in the middle of a forecast predicting nothing but unrelenting sunshine.  Trust me, I’ve got nothing against sunshine–I thrive on it and even tend to get blue when it’s absent for too long.  That said, we’ve been dealing with a drought, drying out the grass and raising the ever-present risk of wildfires.  Therefore, you can probably guess what my first entry in this morning’s gratitude journaling was–RAIN. 
Even more than the rain, I appreciate the reminder that, beyond fear and appearances, there is God.
There is a book I can recommend without any hesitation at all: “The Untethered Soul”, by Michael A. Singer.  WOW.  I loved his new one, “The Surrender Experiment” a lot, so I went back to read the previous offering.  And it’s excellent.
I probably won’t blog tomorrow–but you never know.  🙂  I will be here on Monday, however, to announce our new winners.
Be happy.

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