A lovely, quiet Christmas

Wednesday, Dec 25

I hope you’re enjoying the same. 
Wendy, Jeremy, and Jeremy’s mom, Sherri, joined me last night for Christmas Eve dinner.  We had a wonderful time, and dinner, a prime rib roast from Schwan’s (I wanted EASY) turned out well.  It was late when we parted company so I FELL into bed and slept like, well, a rock.  🙂  I didn’t get up until around 10 am, which is LATE for me, and it was totally delicious. 
Now it’s nearly 5 pm on Christmas Day, and we are getting together again soon to open gifts, eat turkey and socialize.  With no small children in the immediate family, we can get away with such leisure.  🙂
I have to tell you about the turkey, though.  (Just call me Julia Child.)
Since we’re not planning a formal dinner, I tossed the bird into the oven around noon, resting in one of those supermarket pans–the idea is, we’ll just nibble on the turkey and not bother with all the trimmings, since we just did that at Thanksgiving and, anyhow, we like the leftovers best.  I poured chicken broth into the pan, covered the bird with foil, and set it in the oven at 350.  A while later, I went back to check–I’ve been puttering with art projects and gemstones most of the day–and I frowned.  There was NO broth or juice in the bottom of the pan.  Say what?  I added water and shut the oven door.  About an hour later, I start noticing a burny smell in the air, so I checked again.  No broth or water this time either–it had all leaked into the bottom of the oven.  Yikes!  I turned off the heat, let the stove cool down, wiped up the mess, and resituated the turkey in another, sturdier pan–after climbing onto a chair to retrieve one (of three) from a high, dusty shelf in the mud-room and, of course, washing the thing.  The lesson: I have too many roasting pans, for one thing.  Perhaps if there weren’t three of them, most likely purchased because I couldn’t find one when I needed it, there would have been one in the kitchen, ready to use.  For another, those tin things are not good unless you double them up, and why do that?   It means tossing both of them into a landfill after the meal, one is already too many.  So I’ll be giving away the two extras and therefore simplifying my life, albeit in a very small way.  🙂
We’ll be choosing this weeks’ winners tomorrow, and I’ll post the results on Friday.  This is the last week for the Barnes and Noble/Amazon $50 giftcards, but do not despair if you don’t win.  Lots more prizes and contests coming up, I promise.  Keep commenting, my friends.
Through the coming week, we’ll be talking about “Desire Mapping”, among other things, since New Year’s Day is coming up in just one week.  For my part, instead of just deciding on goals, I’ll be looking at the feelings achieving certain objectives would give me.  By the way, the author of “The Desire Map Experience” is Danielle Laporte.  She has a great website, blogs and sends out a newsletter.
Be blessed, my dear friends. 
And remember that the God of all universes loves you very much.

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