A Miscellaneous Kind of Day

Monday, Apr 14

What did I do today?  🙂
Well, I got up early, as usual, and listened to the Daily Audio Bible podcast, again, as usual.  As you know, I’m a big fan of the D.A.B., but I’d be less than honest if I didn’t admit that there are things in the Old Testament that bother me–a lot.  Nevertheless, I listen on–nobody ever said faith was supposed to be easy.  🙂  Plus, God is, after all, God.  Therefore, He’s under no obligation to explain His actions to little ole me.  🙂
After the podcast, I fed the cats and the dog, let them out, then in, then out again–etc.  I had a ham sandwich for breakfast, since I didn’t feel like cooking, and fooled around with some artist trading cards I wanted to finish for a swap on Artfortytwo.org–the theme was Alfred Hitchcock presents, and I chose his incredibly scary movie, THE BIRDS, as my subject.  (I know some of you would like to see photos–I’m working on setting up a separate site over at SquareSpace.com to post pictures of my art, my growing collection of gemstones, the critters, etc.)
Once dressed, I took care of some detail work online, at the request of my valiant editor, Paula. 
I’m skimming one of my older books, SNOWFLAKES ON THE SEA, and writing a short prologue and epilogue for the story’s re-release at the holidays.  (I’m still going to finish CHRISTMAS IN MUSTANG CREEK, but we did have to postpone it because of scheduling and other factors.)
Today is Bernice-the-Yorkie’s 14th birthday.  Jen took her to McDonald’s, where they shared a cheeseburger.  🙂  (Jen has last 40, count ’em, 40 pounds in Weight Watchers–and she can still have the occasional cheeseburger.  What’s not to love about a food plan like that?)
Speaking of food, I’ll be spending 4 of my bonus points on this afternoon’s snack–Cousin Mary Ann bought me a bag of black jelly beans, my very favorite kind of candy.  I can have 14 jelly beans, and I plan to savor each and every one of them.
In closing, the new contest begins today, so be sure to comment.  🙂
Be well.

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