A Special Wednesday

Wednesday, Feb 13

I’ve been thinking a lot about Lent, as I mentioned yesterday, and I’ve come to this conclusion: instead of subtracting something from my life, I want to add something.  What would that be?  A deeper awareness and reverence for the sacrifice our Lord made for me, and for all of us, thus honoring Him.  It’s so easy to gloss over the solemn elements of the Greatest Story Ever Told–they certainly don’t make for pleasant reading or cheerful reflection–but it seems so wrong to minimize or overlook what amounts to the most heroic and amazing hostage-rescue operation in the history of humankind.  So that’s my offering for Lent: I will ponder what He did, and why, quietly and mindfully, and do my cowgirl-best not to flinch away from it.
Since I usually get some flack when I write about God, let me just say this: This is what I believe, and I make no apologies for that.  If you just can’t handle it, well, happy trails and Godspeed to you, and may you be genuinely blessed as you go on your way.
For this week’s contest, I’m not asking a question, but making an assignment of sorts.  Obviously, the choice to participate or not is yours alone, there will be no pop quiz, and you needn’t explain or describe anything, if you do decide to join in.  Next week, on Wednesday afternoon, a new winner will be chosen and announced on Thursday morning.  One blog reader, chosen at random, will receive an autographed book and one of my sister Pam’s beautiful jewelry pieces.  Simply make a comment of some kind–that’s all you need to do.
Now, here’s the assignment: Pray for someone you geuninely dislike.  Once is enough, although you may find the experiment so fulfilling that you want to continue, but offer this prayer from the heart. 
Hey, I didn’t say it would be easy.  🙂  What it WILL be is very, very good for you, and for the person you choose to pray for.  Also, you don’t have to drum up a lot of sweetness and light–after all, God knows what you really think and feel.  What matters to Him, I think, is the obedience of the act.  Obedience is discipline, discipline is trust, and trust is Love.  The Boss, my friends, is ALL ABOUT love.
OK, I’ve said my piece, at least for today, so I’ll climb down from my soapbox/pulpit and go on to other things.  🙂
Physically, I’m feeling better every day.  I’ve found that if I ride my bike first thing in the morning, instead of putting it off, I have a better and more productive day.  Ditto with the strength training routine (thank you AGAIN, Jean Barrington, for sending me the wonderful book, “A Morning Cup of Strengthening”), which I do three days a week.  (Five for the bike.)
Jeremy has been planting seeds for our future garden–so far, he’s started two varieties of tomatoes, artichokes and broccoli–under the grow-light out in the garage.  It’s still pretty cold out there, so he uses an old strand of Christmas tree lights to warm the base of the seed-starters.  Clever boy, our Jeremy, and capable, as far as I can tell, of just about anything.  He’s getting ready to set up my greenhouse soon, and will no doubt assemble my waist-high planters (they’re huge) very soon.  Of course it’s still too soon to start the actual container garden we’re planning, but it can’t hurt to be prepared.  🙂  I’ve been composting like crazy–I love knowing the scraps and peels, egg shells and coffee grounds, to name just a few ingredients, will not be wasted, but will help good things to grow.
I’m finishing up the book today and tomorrow, and may actually overlap into Friday, then it’s clutter-clearing in earnest for me!  (Along with other favorite activities, like reading, playing with my art stuff, trying new recipes and maybe even playing a few slot machines.)
Look for the winner’s name in tomorrow’s blog, my friends.
In the meantime, be safe, be well, and be kind, remembering always that kindness sowed will return to you and yours, when you most need it, “pressed down, shaken together, and running over.”
God bless and keep you.

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