Acupuncture and Brylee’s bracelet

Wednesday, Aug 28

Now, THERE’s a combination for you.  🙂
Today, Wednesday, is acupuncture day, and I am sure looking forward to all that relaxation!  People often cringe when I mention acupuncture–I guess they’re imagining skin bristling with heavy-duty tapestry needles and maybe even bloodshed.  🙂  The truth is, the points on the needles are incredibly fine, and I don’t even feel most of them.  Note, however, the word ‘most’.  Some of them give me a pretty good twingle, to use my mom’s quaint but colorful terminology, but that’s because there’s stagnant chi (energy) in that particular spot, needing to be released, and the sting rarely lasts longer than a second or two.  When I miss a visit, I really feel it.
In short, I’m a believer.  🙂  For me, acupuncture is a great blessing.
Now, about the bracelet.  With a lot of help from the brilliant folks at Montana Silversmiths–they make the fantastic silver buckles awarded to rodeo champions, among other lovely things–I designed the bracelet Zane gives to Brylee in “Big Sky Wedding.”  It goes on sale soon, and I’ll make sure there’s a link here on the blog, so you can take a peek at it.  Yes, it’s available for purchase, at what I think is a cowgirl-friendly price, and every penny of my share of any profits goes to fund the Linda Lael Miller Scholarships for Women, so if you buy one, you’re not only acquiring an heirloom-quality piece of jewelry, you’re helping somebody get a leg up in life.  I’ll be giving away at least one bracelet right here on the blog, so stay tuned for more information.
Looks like a little rain might be blowing in–we had a humdinger of a thunder and lightning storm the other night, which I mostly missed because I was in bed, plugged into my iPod and listening to a book.  (By the way, the Recorded Books version of “Big Sky Wedding” is available on iTunes,, etc., and the narrator, Jack Garrett, has a real sexy cowboy voice, ala Sam Elliott.) 
What was I listening to during the big storm?  A suspense novel called, “After Her”–author’s name to follow because I can’t remember it at the moment–and DARN, it was a good story.  I fell asleep before the ending but, fortunately, I happened to have a hardcover copy of the book as well, so instead of trying to rewind to the place I konked out, I flipped through the book instead and read the ending.  Oh, this modern world.  If you enjoy gritty–but not TOO gritty–suspense as I do, I’d recommend this one for sure.
That’s the news from the Triple L, for now anyway.
And don’t forget to comment–two winners of signed books will be notified tomorrow and announced on Friday.

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