Admit it, you thought I’d forgotten!

Wednesday, Oct 17

This week’s winners are: Kim Cornwell, Kathy T. and Carole Sklenar.  As usual, send your snail mails to, and you’ll soon receive your prizes!
Next question: What is your very best childhood memory of Halloween?  Prizes announced next Wednesday!  (If you object to Halloween on religious grounds, I respect that, but no preaching, please.)
And now for the news.  Once again, I wrote all day and met my quota–wow!–so I’m just getting around to blogging now.  I am LOVING this book, and I can’t wait to share it with you!
Leftover pork, boiled up with navy beans, for supper.  Yum.  I’m just a country girl, and I love to spoon my beans over bread.  (Carbs?  What carbs???)
Banjo came up lame, so we’re keeping an eye on him.  Silly horse.  We’re afraid to give him too much bute, because then he’ll think he’s well and hurt himself again.  If he gets worse, we’ll call the vet, of course, but our experienced neighbor, Jay, looked him over and says he’ll be all right if we’re careful.  Thank heaven for neighbors–especially out here in the country!  But that’s country folks for you.  They always step up to help.
I chose the winners for my 2012 scholarships today, and they’ll be announced very soon.  As always, I wanted ALL of them to win.
Keep an eye on the website for next year’s competition!

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The daughter of a town marshal, Linda Lael Miller is a #1 New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author of more than 100 historical and contemporary novels, most of which reflect her love of the West.

Raised in Northport, Washington, Linda pursued her wanderlust, living in London and Arizona and traveling the world before returning to the state of her birth to settle down on a horse property outside Spokane.

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