All better!

Monday, Jul 22

Sheesh–that cold was a lulu!  Much better now, though I still have a slight cough.
Since Jen is away on vacation, I’ll be selecting two winners at random from the comments and notifying them, then posting the names.  I’m sorry I’ve had this so goofed up.
I spent last week–before I got sick, anyway–working on the outline for the new series, as mentioned.  Most of the weekend went to resting, though I did make a trip to the grocery store and Hobby Lobby.  🙂  I bought one of those die-cut machines for quilting, and I spent much of yesterday washing, pressing, and finally cutting shapes for the first quilt.  Saturday’s brain-effort went to figuring out exactly how to thread my sewing machine.  🙂  It’s crazy–I used to sew in high school, and I could thread and operate my mom’s machine just fine.  Nothing like a few decades to erase such things from one’s gray-matter–but I did finally work it out.  (I love gadgets, but, alas, I’m not very technical, and it’s hard for me to follow diagrams.  If someone shows me, hands-on, how to do something, though, I never forget it–guess that means I’m a visual learner?)  Favorite gadget of the week is a gizmo that actually winds bobbins.  🙂  (Things are never so simple that I can’t find a way to complicate them.)
Anyway, the range of fabrics available to today’s quilter absolutely blows me away.  WOW.  I have to restrain myself from buying yards and yards of everything that takes my eye–which is everything on the shelves.
This week–today, in fact–I’m starting “The Marriage Pact”, and I can hardly wait.  I am a fortunate woman, getting paid to do what I love most in all the world.
I continue to meditate regularly–20 minutes in the morning–and I must say, this is one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself.  I’m shooting for 20 minutes in the afternoon, too, but I’m not there yet.  Ditto, exercise.  Have you guessed?  Consistency is hard for us ADDers.  I figure as long as I don’t quit, I’m still in the runnin’.  🙂  I get frustrated as all get-out–stew for a while–and then start over. 
Been doing that all my life, in fact.  Starting over.  I am on very good terms with Square One.
Just finishing up Rick Bragg’s memoir, “All Over but the Shoutin’ “, and it’s excellent.  That fella can WRITE.  Actually, I think I hate him.
Best get myself to Petticoat Creek, Wyoming, pronto.  Hadleigh (I named this character for Ernest Hemingway’s first wife, though I altered the spelling from ‘Hadley’) and Tripp (now THERE’S a cowboy name for you!) are waiting for me. 
Tune in again tomorrow.

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