An overdue update

Sunday, May 25

I’m really late this time, but I’m pretty sure you’ll forgive me when you find out why.
My aunt, Billie Wiley, was in a serious auto accident on Thursday, and she’s in intensive care.  Please pray for her.
While you’re at it, I hope you’ll lift up my niece, Angela, her husband, Taylor, and their unborn baby boy.  He’s been threatening to come early, though he’s not due until August 12.
Finally, there’s my former wrangler, Chris.  He’s very ill.

That said, there are ‘normal’ happenings to report, too.  Bernice and I went on our usual mail runs yesterday and today, and took our afternoon walks, AND went to the grocery store.  She’s tuckered out and so am I.  I got myself a wicked sunburn yesterday, watching my nephew, Jerome, play baseball.  (Lesson learned.  Next time, I’ll wear a hot, sunglasses and lots of sun-block!)  The game was held at Avista Stadium, here in Spokane, and although the other team won, Jerome and his team played their best right up to the end.  I did a lot of cheering!
I’ve been making artist trading cards during free moments–that helps me stay calm, along with prayer and my pyramid meditations.
I’m listening to a fascinating memoir called STRUCK BY GENIUS.  The author is Jason Padgett, and his story is amazing.  About ten years ago, he was assaulted on  a Tacoma street and suffered brain injuries.  He soon developed a condition called synesthesia, became a savant, and started seeing the world in a totally unique way–he sees geometric patterns in everything, light, trees, people, everything.  Essentially, he sees energy–trails of it behind moving vehicles, for example.  Always poor at math, now he exhibits an astounding grasp of the subject, drawing pictures of fractals–whatever those are–and understands very sophisticated concepts.  Mr. Padgett believes, as do many scientists, that all of us possess this ability, although most of us don’t access it for whatever reason.  It’s interesting to think that human beings may be evolving in that direction–without getting bonked on the head first.
My peonies are finally blooming—and there are still some dazzling tulips to admire, too.  Some are red and white, reminding me of peppermint candy, and some are so fluffy that they really resemble peonies and roses.  I’m not doing as much gardening this year as I’d hoped, but I do plan on raising crops of zinnias and a few tomatoes. 
I’m hoping to blog tomorrow, and to work on the new book.  Thanks in advance for your patience and understanding.  You are very important to me, and I really love writing these posts and reading your comments.  The new contest begins tomorrow as well–so do comment.
Finally, a belated announcement of last week’s contest winners.  (Jenni is back, so things will go more smoothly after this, I promise.)  They are: Laska Bull and Dee.  Congratulations to both of you! 

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