Another Friday Rears Its Beautiful Head

Friday, Nov 04

My “short” story, “The Christmas of the Red Chiefs”, an O. Henry reference, will go in to my editor today. Pocket will release it for the 2006 holiday season, headlining an anthology.

The weather in Arizona is cool–at last–even a little crisp this morning.

I intend to spend this Friday well.

I’m going to buy a telescope. I’ve become a solar system fanatic, watching shows on the Science and Discovery Channels. I recently listened to Dava Sobel’s “The Planets” on CD, and was so fascinated that I bought the book as well.

More news, too. I’m back on my Weight Watchers plan, and loving it. I thought I’d have to think MORE about food, but instead, it’s less. If any of you are making the same journey, you’ll find some helpful information at I bought the series of hypnosis CDs mentioned on the site, and they’re working! I mean, I am almost on automatic pilot with this! I also found it very inspiring that Dottie, who had a 100 pound weight loss and then regained it all, was willing to share her experience, strength and hope. I gained some of my weight back, but now I’m really putting on the brakes, and that feels good. Also, the site lists the points for food at almost any restaurant you can name. Great recipes, too, and let me tell you, her husband Al writes a mean newsletter.

My friend Sandi will be featured on Lifetime tonight, getting a surprise makeover. I believe it’s during the movie, “Human Trafficking”. Check it out.

BE a good weekend, ladies, as Iyanla Vanzant would say.

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