Another great weekend

Monday, Feb 04

I’m all rested up and ready to roll–every time I ride my exercise bike, I feel a little better.  (Why didn’t I start SOONER?  Guess there’s no sense in asking that question.)  I once heard Covert Bailey say that if the effects of exercise could be contained in a pill, it would be the most prescribed of all medications, hands down, and I believe it.  The list of benefits goes on and on–better brain, better energy, better moods, better bones…amazing.  I’m adding strength training this week–thanks to my friend, Jean, for seeing the mention on the blog and sending me a wonderful and delightfully clear book called, “A Cup of Strengthening”–it’s simple, it takes 15 minutes, and one doesn’t have to be a world champion athlete to do it.  (I’m a lot of things, but athletic isn’t one of them.)
Wow.  I’m so excited about all the positive changes going on in my life, I can hardly express it.  I’m also happy to report that this week’s weight loss was nearly three pounds–one for each day I rode my bike–and nearly as much as I lost during the whole three-week induction program.  🙂  I really like the Food Lovers plan, but it’s important to say that, like any such life-changing program, it’s challenging at times.  There ARE a few rules, like lots of water and keeping a food journal, portion sizes, etc.  Almost every food I really like can be adapted to it, though, and I don’t even crave sugar, which is a miracle.  Wendy and Jeremy and I had lunch at the casino yesterday–I had wonton soup, and it was delicious.  Our family luncheon on Thursday was great fun, too–we dined at the Onion, which is one of our favorites, and it was so EASY to follow my new way of eating.  I had French onion soup, which I LOVE, along with a green salad, dressing on the side.  Wendy’s birthday is coming up soon, and we’ll be celebrating for sure–probably at another restaurant.  Next Saturday, she and I will attend another play, “Rock of Ages” this time.  Since “Jersey Boys” was so terrific, I have high hopes for this show as well, though I know little to nothing about it.
And I’m so enjoying being able to see my lovely daughter more than a few times a year! 
The guest bathroom is almost finished, and it’s SUCH an improvement, I can hardly believe the difference.  The pounding, etc., hasn’t been all that hard to endure–so now we’re planning on more projects.  🙂  Next to be tackled:  the room down the hall that will be my office–the carpet needs to come out and be replaced with hardwood flooring, and the walls will be painted.  My closet is in line for a major overhaul, and so is my craft room, but lots of sorting and decluttering will have to be done first.  The plan is, I finish this book, then take a week to ten days to clear clutter before starting the next one.  I have lots of help, but when it comes to sorting clothes, art supplies, books and the like, the buck stops here.  🙂  Nobody can do that for me, of course, because they don’t know what to keep and what to give or throw away.  So I’m pushing up my sleeves and wading in there, because decluttering is another big priority for 2013.
Jeremy and I are planning to start seedlings pretty soon, too, and the compost is coming along nicely.  I’m looking forward to juicy tomatoes and oodles of bright flowers.  🙂
Busy, busy, busy–that’s me.  No complaints here: I’m thriving!
And now, I’m off to Parable for a few hours, to meet up with Zane and Brylee and the rest of the Parable/Three Trees bunch.
Be well, be safe, and be kind.
Holy moley, I think the sun is trying to shine!  Yeehaw!

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