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Wednesday, Jun 01

I didn’t get to do much shopping on my recent trip to the Big Apple, but I always try to get to my favorites–McKenzie-Childs and Kate’s Paperie.  This time, I ran into a few snags–Kate’s had moved from their old location on 57th Street, and I was too busy to track them down.  (Next time.)  At M.C., nothing really spoke to me–a rare occurence, since I LOVE this stuff.  Alas, there’s always Lee’s Art Supply, another great store, rumored to be frequented by Brad and Angelina and family, and I made an exciting discovery (for me) there–no, not Brad, but a line of paper called Decopatch.  The colorful tissue is absolutely beautiful, perfect for mixed media backgrounds and artist trading cards.  I’ve been searching the internet for more ever since I got home–and it was harder to find than I would have expected.  Find it I did, though–there’s quite a bit on eBay.

Our weather is just plain crazy.  The peonies haven’t popped, though the lilacs are lovely, scenting the air.  I haven’t even planted my usual deck garden this year–too much rain.

Sadie-beagle has exercise today.  At the moment, she’s snoozing in the corner of the kitchen.  

It’s a writing day–and since spinning yarns is my favorite thing to do, that’s a big blessing.  I’d make soup, but I’m on another diet.  Frankly, I’m not sure I can go through that again.  What if I just stopped fighting my weight and accepted that I’m not 18 anymore?  I wouldn’t mind being this size from now on, but I sure as heck don’t want to get any bigger.  🙂  That’s the dilemma.  Also, I miss my nightly glass or two of wine.  Sigh.

Conner’s book, “Creed’s Honor”, is out there in the marketplace.  Yeehaw!  That’s always exciting.  And I’m having a fabulous time with the characters in “Big Sky Country”, the work in progress.

That’s the news from my kitchen table.  Be well.

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