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Monday, Oct 28

Well, there were more blog problems over the weekend, but here I am again.  LAST week’s winners were Cecelia Kelsey and Donna Harris.  Congratulations, ladies.  Now, a NEW round begins, so get those comments in.
As it sometimes presents a problem when old books are re-released with new covers–per the comment about this year’s holiday hardcover–here’s how to tell if a book has been in print before.  Check the copyright page.  There, you will see a line that reads “Copyright (year) by Linda Lael Miller”.  Since books are often released multiple times, for those who haven’t seen them before, there might be several years listed  in this manner.  The earliest one is the original date of publication.
Next year, there will be a brand new Christmas book, I’m happy to say, set in Mustang Creek, Wyoming, the setting for my new “Bliss County” series.
I spent the weekend resting, listening to books, and painting a little, mostly on artist trading cards.  I finally finished reading “W is for Wasted”, by Sue Grafton–it was very good.  Now, to await “X is for–?”  🙂
I was in a ghost story mood, so I listened to Jack Cady’s “Ghosts of Yesterday”, and genuinely enjoyed the short stories–a few of which weren’t all that short.  🙂  Very different stuff, and powerful writing.  Now I’m into “The Power of Right Believing”, by Joseph Prince, and that one is good, too.  If Christian inspiration is your thing, you’d probably like this book a lot.  Have also downloaded Donna Tartt’s new novel, “The Goldfinch.”  My tastes are definitely eclectic.  🙂
On a personal note, my mom was trapped for two and a half hours in an elevator last Friday.  She’s being a sport about it, as usual, even cracking jokes, but her three daughters, including moi, are seriously annoyed.  What is the point of an emergency button if pressing it repeatedly produces no response?  Things happen, and I won’t drone on about this, but–really.  This is a retirement center, after all, full of elderly folks, some of whom are very frail. 
Physically, I’m feeling better than ever–Weight Watchers always has that effect on me.  Don’t know why I resist things I know will help–except that I’m famously contrary–which is apparently a Lael family trait.  🙂  I’m trying out some new recipes and staying on track.
Today, I’m working on the new story and, later on, getting acupuncture.  That always helps me a lot.  Bernice is resting up after a Sunday visit from Wendy, Jeremy and their lively golden retriever, Margie.  🙂  Margie is a sweetheart, but still a puppy, so Bernice, being elderly, is nervous of all that energy.  The cats completely disappear when she’s around.  Nonetheless, Margie is part of the family, too, so we put up gates and do the best we can to keep all the four-footers happy.  It works out pretty well.
Jeremy had placed some dried cornstalks by the front door for atmosphere, this being October and everything, but we had to move them.  Bernice, being 13, doesn’t see or hear as well as she used to, glimpsing them through a side window and doubtless seeing a nebulous shape, got alarmed and yapped incessantly.  As I write this, my brave guard dog is snoozing in her little bed beside my desk.
Good Lord willin’ and the creek don’t rise, I’ll be back to blog tomorrow, and every day this week.
Knock on wood.

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