Back in the game!

Monday, Nov 05

All right, I’ve had about all the fun and rest I can stand.  🙂  It’s time to get back to work!
That said, I had a great weekend.  Wendy and Jeremy joined me for corned beef and cabbage, as planned, and then came over again for roast beef.  (We’re Dr. Seuss fans around here, so we call it ‘roast beast’.)  I did some artist trading cards and some work in my bulging art journal, which won’t close properly because of my penchant for gluing in 3-D stuff.  I am particularly proud of this journal, not because the art is all that terrific, but because it’s getting full.  I made a rule when I started this one–no tearing out pages.  If I don’t like something, I cover it over.  Before, I’d get one or two pages in and then hate what I’d done and rip it out, leaving me with several weird-looking journals.
I’m loving the fall weather, rain and all, and we’ve been spotting a lot of creatures around here lately–moose, deer and turkeys, mostly.  Coyotes pass through at night, making that strange, yip-yowling sound.  I have an eight foot fence surrounding my back yard because of them.
All my planting stuff has arrived–I swear, I’m going to grow salad.  🙂  I LOVE salad.  And speaking of salad, I started an avocado plant a couple of months ago, and now the thing is growing so fast that Jack, of beanstalk fame, might try to climb it. 
I’ve sure been enjoying Oprah’s “Life Style” and “Super Soul Sunday” programs.  Great stuff.   I can personally vouch that Joel Osteen’s new book, “I Declare: 31 Promises to Speak Over Your Life” is excellent.  I just finished the 31 days, and I’m starting over.  Also loving books by John Etheredge, especially “Walking With God” and “Beautiful Outlaw.”  Recommended by moi.
So many fascinating books, so little time!
Plans are being laid for the big rodeo in Las Vegas–always big-time fun.
Loving your favorite cowboy responses, by the way.  You’re terrific.

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