Back in the Real World

Monday, Aug 31


I finished the revisions on “Tate” over the weekend, and pretty much did nothing else. The book has gone to my editor–PHEW–and now she will do her magic.

Today, it’s on with “Garrett”, the second Texas McKettrick, and Tate’s brother.

I’m not sure about the weather–it’s cloudy today, might rain. I watered my deck garden anyway, because the tomatoes and dahlias especially seem to need a lot of water. My zinnias are going crazy, and so is my yellow rose bush. It’s just bursting with blossoms! I’ve learned lots of lessons in this my first year of gardening, the primary one being : FERTILIZE! I’ve been composting for a while now, so next spring I plan to have plenty of good compost to add to the potting soil. My dinner-plate dahlias, down in the flowerbed, are HUGE. I’ll get a shot of one and put it up on my Twitter page. www.twitter/


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