Bernice and I Share an Adventure

Sunday, May 04

My Yorkie may be an old lady at fourteen, but she still loves an outing.  This morning, since I had to pick up a perscription and couldn’t bring myself to leave her behind, I extended our usual car ride to include a brief stop at the pharmacy.  Since Bernice (aka the Bear, Bairnie and about seventy-two other affectionate nicknames) has a slight problem with incontinence these days, I brought a towel along, placed it on my lap for protection, and we headed out.  The Yorkster rode in style, watching the big world flash by, and I didn’t have to worry about picking my meds up with dog-pee on my jeans.  🙂  On the way back, we picked up yesterday’s mail and, since the crazy fun never stops around here, we also took a walk a few hours later, exploring the yard, the tack room in the barn, and encircling the pasture.  The fresh air and exercise was good for both of us, and the Bear was a happy camper.
Last week’s contest winners, who should have been announced on Friday, are Diane McCarthy and Jennier L.  Your prizes will be on their way on Monday morning–when the NEW contest will begin. 
I’ve spent the weekend–so far–painting, listening to audiobooks–just finished Robin Roberts’ inspiring EVERYBODY HAS SOMETHING.  What a champion that woman is–facing a life-threatening illness not just once, but twice, and carrying bravely on despite exhaustion, fear and pain–with grace and humor, no less.  I’ve always admired her, but reading her book clenched it.  I nearly wept over the part where she had to send her 15 year old dog to stay with friends for three months, since she couldn’t risk any kind of infection after her bone marrow transplant–I’m happy to say, she and her little buddy are back together again.
My tulips are blazing with color–I plan to pick a nice bouquet in the morning.  Tulips invariably make me think of my good friends, Jean and Kurt–they have the most gorgeous flowers!
Which reminds me–if there’s one take-away from Ms. Roberts’ book, besides her enormous courage, it’s how important dear friends and family really are. 
Make a memory with a loved one, next chance you get.  Today, if possible.
In the end, the love we’ve given and received will truly be our greatest treasure.

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