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Ah, yes.  Christmas Eve.  My very favorite day of the whole year! The tree is lit, the carols are set to play, the fireplace to crackle.  We even got a little skiff of snow during the night, just to set the mood.  🙂  For me, this is a magical day, full of happy...

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Greetings from the sunbelt

No, I'm not in Florida or California--I'm right at home in good ole Spokane, WA.  (For those of you who care, one way or the other, 'Spokane' is pronounced SPO-CAN, not SPO-CANE.  Just sayin'. :))  It's definitely chilly outside, but the sun is shining, the sky is...

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Let’s try this again…Part 2

🙂  Maybe doing the blog in two parts will confuse the gremlins. Once Debbie was finished at the office, we drove back to her place, which, by the way, was decorated with no less than NINE Christmas trees and I don't know how many Nativity Scenes--she collects those. ...

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Let’s try this again…Part 1

OK, so the doctor's report was very favorable--my lungs are clear.  He gave me antibiotics and told me to keep doing all the stuff I was already doing.  🙂  (Rest, drink lots of water, etc.)  I feel better already, and while my recovery may be mostly psychological,...

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I didn't mean to leave off the account of my visit with Debbie, my computer ate part of that blog, consuming several paragraphs in one gulp.  Errrrgggg!  I hate it when that happens.  Anyway, I was simply too overwhelmed to write it all over again; promise I will as...

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The Plague and I/This week’s winners

Starting off on the happier note, this week's winners are Amy Dudley and Sharon S.  Congratulations, ladies.  Your signed books will be on their way pronto.  As usual, a new contest begins today.  All you need to do is comment and, presto, you're entered!  Two winners...

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Hurray, hurray, it’s Sticker Day!! (And other ravings)

First, I will announce last week's winners--as I intended to do yesterday.  🙂  Tammy Carter and Laura Ann Harris, your books will be on their way pronto.  Enjoy!  As always, a new contest is underway at this very moment.  All you have to do is comment, and you're...

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Thanksgiving/winners/travel plans and more

First, the new winners are: Niki Davis and Therese.  Congratulations, both of you!  Your signed books will be headed your way soon.  (What's that you say?  YOU didn't win?  Well, the old adage certainly applies here: try, try again.  🙂  There is a brand new round...

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There's a wonderful sign on a board near my favorite supermarket, which reads: Thanksgiving is not a day, it's a lifestyle. Amen!  Even in these trying times, we all have a lot to be grateful for, methinks.  Starting with each other.  I am SO very thankful for each...

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Back Among the Living

Wow.  Here's my advice about that cold going around right now--don't get it!  It's a lulu.  I'm upright and fully dressed, so I see that as progress.  🙂  I spent my weekend recovering, listening to books (this time it was "The Sleepwalker's Guide to Dancing" by Mira...

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Self-Imposed Quarantine 🙂

Nobody panic.  I'm suffering (as dramatically as possible) from a garden variety head and chest cold--not the dreaded E-virus.  (Thank heaven.)  Reports of my imminent demise have been greatly exaggerated. In order to prevent my own personal pandemic (Spokandemic?),...

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Winners, the cold from hell, and how I spent my weekend

First, the winners.  Gwyn Beams and Janet Clark, come on down!  🙂  If you aren't Gwyn or Janet, do not despair--all you need to do is comment and you'll be entered in the new contest, which begins now.  (Yes, at this very moment.)  Make a comment and, presto, you're...

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