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Happy 2011

My question is, what the heck happened to 2010????? 🙂 It's just plain crazy how fast time seems to pass.I still haven't made any resolutions, and I don't intend to at this point. I just want to be grateful this year, and enjoy my life, which is good and getting...

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The Year of No Resolutions

I'm not making any formal resolutions this year. I always break them, anyway. :)In 2011, I will simply ENJOY my life. I plan to celebrate the blessings I have Already Received, which are beyond counting.I will laugh with family and friends.I will explore my first and...

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Home Again

I made it! I'm home in Spokane, arriving yesterday evening in a flurry of snow. As we left Seattle, we were warned that we might not be able to land here, and would have to return to Sea-Tac, but thank heavens, it didn't happen. Today, it's a winter wonderland out...

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I can hear the rare Santa Monica rain pattering on the roof top as I write this. I'm at Wendy and Jeremy's place, having spent Christmas with them, and I slept in the loft room.I feel completely restored--no trace of the pleurisy, thank heaven. We opted out on the...

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Merry Christmas, One and All

I'm visiting family in Southern California and having the best Christmas ever!I was tired when I arrived, and still a little ill with pleurisy, but I am recovering rapidly, with all this love. :)I hope you're all enjoying the holiday, as I am. More tomorrow.May you be...

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June Lund Shiplett

My friend June Lund Shiplett passed away very recently, and this blog is a tribute to her.June was a writer's writer--two of her early books, "Journey to Yesterday" and "Return to Yesterday", were great favorites of mine, time travel stories I remember fondly all...

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Rush, Rush, Hurry, Hurry

Yikes. Five days til Christmas. How did this happen???:)I spent the weekend in p.j.'s--the pleurisy kicked in again. Mom and I had to reschedule our holiday lunch--thanks for understanding, Mom.On Friday night, I watched Debbie Macomber's movies, back to back--"Mrs....

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Gone? The Whole Week? Already????

Yep. Time flies when you're having fun, as the old saying goes. 🙂 The pleurisy hasn't been all that much fun, I must admit, but the rest of it--writing, doing art, getting ready for Christmas--has been great.I have these new rubber stamps. Frida Kahlo. (Famous...

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Our Snow Headed East

I can actually see green lawn out my windows as I write this blog at my kitchen table, per usual. According to the weatherman, it's a temporary respite.The book is moving along. I swear, I'm loving every minute of writing it. Delicious experience.I'm feeling better,...

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Sometimes I Amaze Myself

But not very often. :)Yesterday was crazy. I had to see the doctor about the chest bug (pleurisy), pick up the handmade tamales I'd ordered from DeLeon's (an absolute necessity!) and have my sleep machine adjusted by a professional. Despite all that, I managed to...

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Sick Day

Today, I'm calling in sick.Chest cold--or something.I'll be back soon--later today or tomorrow morning.Not to worry.It's just a bug.Some news that is, from my kitchen table. 🙂

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White Christmas

The Civic Theatre performance of the old Bing Crosby/Danny Kaye show was wonderful--especially the tap-dancing. And, of course, you can't go wrong with that music.I may have to see my doctor today--I have all the symptoms of a chest cold. This I do not need. I have a...

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