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Weight Watchers and Homespun Philosophy

Today's Weight Watchers meeting was a good one, and I lost a full pound to boot.  Gotta love it. Speaking of love, I'm so grateful to and for all of you, so ready with prayers and encouragement, even though most of you are going through trials of your own.  Reading...

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Fashion Advice from a Dog

Mowgli, my year old pup, has made his opinion clear: I wear too much black.  To make his point, he got hold of one of my favorite slip-on sneakers while I was nearby, innocently enjoying a bubble bath, and chewed out the toe.  The little stinker.  And after I was...

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Winners and My New Lease on Life

First, this week's contest winners.  They are: Mae Logan and Barbara Roney.  Mae and Barbara will each receive an autographed book as their prize.  Next week's winners will receive the same.  Enter a comment, and you're in.  Two names will be chosen at random,...

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Friday. Again.

If you have a Kindle or the Kindle app, check out this FREE ebook, which features an excerpt from my next book, ONCE A RANCHER, along with a sampling of some other Western romances.  The link is below.  There was a picture, too, but somehow, I made it go away.   🙂 I...

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Winners and Rainy Tuesdays

This week's winners are: Patricia Pelkey and Laverne Ray.  Congratulations to both of you; your autographed books will be on their way pronto.  The new round is underway, and you can enter by simply posting a comment.  Two winners will be chosen at random, and posted...

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More Puppy News

Tule, aka Tim the Tool Man Taylor :), is well on the way to full recovery.  Turns out, he had a mild case of pneumonia, and, thanks to the fabulous team at Dr. Steven Bauer's office and at Spokane's fine Pet Emergency Clinic, he'll be all right.  He received some...

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Winners and Puppy News

This week's winners are Joanne Balinski and Sharon Sovereign.  Both will receive an autographed book.  As usual, the new contest begins immediately.  For those of you who are new, you simply need to comment, and you're entered.  Two winners will be chosen at random,...

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My Funny Valentines

        Above: Mowgli.  He's a year old and a real pistol! Below: Toulee (pronounced Too-lee), five years old and as sweet a dog as I've ever met.  They arrived last night, in the care of my good friend Gail Mackie of Spokanimal, and received a...

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Day 86 and This Week’s Winners

First, our winners: Denise Smith and Alice Harnisch.  Jenni will be in contact soon, asking for your snail mail info, and then you'll each receive an autographed book.  The new contest begins today: just comment, and you're in.  Jenni will draw two winners at random...

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Another Free E-book and other news

This time, it's "Tonight and Always", one of my vampire stories.  You have until midnight tonight to download the e-book at no charge.  🙂 Just click on the link below.   I'll be signing at the valley Barnes and Noble store this Sunday from 11am to 2pm, along...

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Weight Watchers and Other Stuff

Some of you will remember that I was dreading stepping on the scale at Weight Watchers, after a cruise and my daughter's birthday party, which included pizza, cake and ice cream. 🙂 Guess what happened! I actually LOST two tenths of a pound. 🙂 And that, my friends,...

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New Contest, Books, and Other Good Things

As of today, the contest to win an autographed book is back up and running.  All you need to do to enter is comment, and you're in.  Two winners will be drawn at random, notified, and announced on this blog a week from today. I spent a very quiet weekend, reading,...

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