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Tuesday, May 17

Sometimes I just can’t resist playing with words, even when the results don’t make sense.  🙂

I wrote a chapter yesterday, so the book is up and running.  CHAPTER ONE is always a challenge, getting everybody on-stage, etc. 

I’m reading Jennifer Lauck’s new memoir, “Found”.  Like her previous works, it’s fascinating–“Blackbird” was one of my all time favorite books.  An incredible testimony to the resilience of children–Lauck’s stepmother was a piece of work, I’m here to tell you.  She should have been in jail.

On the iPod front, I’m listening to John Hart’s “The Last Child”–I made John’s acquaintance at the Pike’s Peak Writer’s Conference down in Colorado Springs at the end of April.  This one is a thriller, and it’s hard to push that ‘stop’ button–I thought I’d already read it, and I decided a review would be in order, only to discover that I’d never finished it.  I’m making up for that now–it’s a great book, beautifully written, but be warned.  The action and the emotions are intense.  I can’t wait to find out what happens!

And that’s the great thing about a good book, isn’t it?

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