Books, Books, and More Books

Tuesday, Jun 24

The boxes of books I shipped to myself from Manassas have arrived. One of them is so heavy, I couldn’t even drag it over the threshold. 🙂 I am especially excited about the fold-out timeline I bought in one of the Park Service gift shops–they’ve all run together now, so I couldn’t tell you which one. Good thing I faithfully labeled my battlefield pictures every night in the hotel room–no small feat since I was exhausted by a twelve-hour march. 🙂

I am super-eager to delve in, but right now, I’m reading the new Stephanie Plum book, “Fearless Fourteen”. I’m a major fan–especially love Grandma Masur and Bob the Dog.

I drafted the first chapter of “Tyler” yesterday, as planned. It is quite unusual for me to finish a first chapter in one day, actually, but having already told Logan and Dylan’s stories, I’m all primed to tell Tyler’s.

My nephew, Mike Lael, wife Sarah (she’s a real sweetie) and children, Courtney and Chandler, along with other family members, arrived yesterday, to spend a week at the lake house. It makes me so happy to think of them all out there, splashing and enjoying the lake in all its changing phases.

I’m on a new weight loss plan, so Weight Watchers is on hiatus. It’s all natural, involving hormones and the like–definitely a factor with Baby Boomers like me. I’ll report on it when I have more to tell you, but it’s definitely exciting, if a little complex. If you can’t stand the curiosity, check out Wellspring Clinic and Dr. Sam Walters on Google. 🙂

The sun is shining, glistening on flowers and pine needles. Just the way I love it.

Color me grateful. After a long (long) winter, this weather is pure joy for me. Would you believe it snowed on June 10th??? Fortunately, I was sweltering in Virginia at the time, or I probably would have had a meltdown.

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