Homemade Bubble Bath, etc.

Thursday, Aug 15

My acupuncture session was excellent, as always.  So relaxing!
I haven’t made soap in a while–no matter how beautiful the stuff is, one can only use/give away so much of it–and I have more than enough at the moment.
I did try my hand at making my own bubble bath, however–and the experiment was a grand success.  It’s a very simple process, at least the way I do it–I buy liquid soap base, heat it to 160 degrees, add color and scent, and funnel the finished product into a bottle.  Voila!  Bubble bath!  Now I can reuse the same bottles over and over, instead of filling up our local landfills with empties–that has always bothered me.  What with all this cooking, gardening, soapmaking, quilting, etc., I’m beginning to wonder if I’ve re-entered my Earth Mother phase.  🙂  I was big into all that stuff in the seventies–I even did some macrame. 
I’m writing today–through the weekend, in fact.  I have a big seven-bone roast to cook for Wendy, Jeremy and the friends who will be visiting them from California.  I’m kind of on Mac and Cheese overload, but I’m planning to try Paula Deen’s recipe sooner or later.  I’ve also tabbed recipes for French onion soup and baked spaghetti and some kind of casserole with pesto. 
Tomorrow I’ll be writing a special blog, a tribute to my beloved editor, Joan Marlow Golan.  Don’t fret–she’s not gone, but she IS retiring, and I will miss her enormously.
Until then…

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