Buckling Down

Friday, Jan 07

That’s what I’m doing, here on the Triple L. Buckling down to some hard work and crazy hours to meet my deadline.

Busy as I am, I make time for my art, because for me it’s a necessity.

I didn’t make that trip to buy the art magazines, though. The roads are pretty iffy these days–rain, to be followed by a freeze equals ICE. Lest you think I’m complaining, I’m not. My life gets to the white-water stage now and then, but that’s okay with me. Gets the adrenalin flowing. 🙂
Since I have no intention of taking up sky diving or riding bulls (yes, women do ride bulls), the hectic pace will have to suffice.

I’m sleeping much better these days, and that helps. Also longer. I’m assured by the ranch crew that this is a good thing. (With me, tired=cranky.)

Sadie is off to her exercise program and Bernice is digesting the treat she always gets after her sister leaves the house. 🙂 The cats are doing whatever it is cats do–very mysterious business indeed.

As for me, I’m going to have breakfast and head for Lonesome Bend.

Make it a good day and a good weekend.

I’ll be here on Monday with another report from my kitchen table.

About Linda

The daughter of a town marshal, Linda Lael Miller is a #1 New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author of more than 100 historical and contemporary novels, most of which reflect her love of the West.

Raised in Northport, Washington, Linda pursued her wanderlust, living in London and Arizona and traveling the world before returning to the state of her birth to settle down on a horse property outside Spokane.

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