But she NEVER blogs on Wednesdays!

Wednesday, Apr 08

Never say “never”. Here I am!
As you long-timers will know, Wednesday is my Weight Watchers meeting, and I usually don’t get around to blogging that day. Why aren’t I at WW, you may ask? (And, NO, I definitely haven’t given up on it; by now, WW is more than a diet to me, it’s a way of life.) I’m staying home today because I’m working straight through the week on a novella called “Interlude”. The story will appear as a part of Brenda Novak’s wonderful collection of stories, from which all of the proceeds will go to a VERY worthy cause, the fight against Juvenile Diabetes. I’ll post ALL the details here, ASAP. (Which probably means tomorrow.)
I continue to feel better with every passing day. For a while there, my CPAP machine was wonky, but the problem has been addressed and I’m now getting both oxygen and sleep. 🙂 I was pretty winter-weary, too, and intermittment spring weather does a lot to lift my spirits, as do the daffodils blooming in my flowerbeds. I have tomato plants growing in one of those Aerogarden thingy-majiggies down in my art room, and they are HUGE. (My mouth waters just thinking about summer tomatoes, fresh from the vine.) In fact, those tomato plants will make a great addition to tonight’s gratitude journal entry.
I’m thankful for so many things: my Quiet Time with God every morning, my journaling and spiritual reading (The Course in Miracles and Susan Shumsky’s wonderful book, “Divine Revelation”), that first cup of coffee, the sound of Yorkie toenails clicking across the kitchen floor, the sunrise fringed with towering pine trees. I’m on Lesson 79 in the Course workbook–step one: identify the problem, step two: identify the solution. (Hint: the problem is the illusion that anything or anyone can separate us from the Love of God, and the solution is opening our hearts to that Love.)
For me, the process is simple, but NOT easy. Some days, I make a success of it. Other days, I fall flat on my face. Fortunately for me, and for all of us, God is always there to help me get up and keep going. He never says the things we say to ourselves, like, “When are you going to learn?” or “Why even try?”
No. He says, “I love you. I’m here to help. Now, on your feet and let’s get crackin’.”
No wonder I’m crazy about Him. 🙂

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