Catching Up

Monday, Mar 10

I certainly have a lot to catch up on, after working hard to finish THE MARRIAGE PACT and spending more than a month of battling the flu, but I’m getting stuff done–finally.  🙂
Our new contest begins today, so be sure to comment.  This week’s prizes: 1 winner will receive a copy of POSITIVITY and an autographed LLM book, and the other will receive one of my necklaces and, of course, a signed copy of BIG SKY SECRETS. 
I spent the weekend catching up on little tasks–writing overdue letters, tending to the artist trading card swaps I’m conducting at, spray-painting 12×12 sheets of watercolor paper for the art journal I’m planning, (actually, I have several in various stages of development.  🙂 ) and sorting and putting away all the lovely new crystals and gemstones I’ve acquired recently.  These include: peacock ore (lovely stuff!), “zebra” petrified wood, Herkimer ‘diamonds’, colored quartz and calcite, flint–well, you get the idea.   The “zebra” samples are amazing–for one thing, there is no trace of wood left in them, despite their name.  Long ago, ancient evergreen forests were buried in mud, and, over time, the trees themselves dissolved, and minerals collected in the vacant spaces, producing near perfect replicas of individual needles, etc.  WOW.  That just blows this country girl’s mind!
Is it any wonder that I find stones so fascinating?  I don’t think so. 🙂
On the same subject, I found a gemstone/crystal website I feel comfortable recommending:  This is a retail site, but there are many tidbits of free information, including some pretty comprehensive videos.  HOWEVER–and there’s always an ‘however’, isn’t there?–you’ll also find some stuff on pagan holidays and rituals, etc.  Not my thing, though I’m not making any judgements here.  As they say in a 12 step program I know of, take what you like and leave the rest.  🙂 
If you happen across a website you think the rest of us might enjoy, please do mention it in the comment section.
Plans for today include: drafting Chapter 1 of CHRISTMAS IN MUSTANG CREEK, meditating, making 4 artist trading cards for a swap I’m in, etc.  I’ve already ridden my exercise bike, though I might try to get in another 10-15 minutes later on.  I’ll listen to a few lectures on my iPod–right now, I’m focusing on understanding Islam–and maybe read a ghost story or three.  (I’ve been gobbling up true accounts of haunted houses for a while now.)  Since I made a batch of bubble bath over the weekend, I plan on making use of that.  And, of course, I will want to spend some time with my gemstone friends–they are very appealing, lined up on my office window sill in their pretty glass jars.
Well, folks, for today anyhow, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.
Be well and know that Spring is on its way!

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