Catching up–Day 10 was yesterday

Tuesday, Mar 23

Looking at that heading, I can’t help feeling a little confused, so you must be, too. 🙂 Let’s just carry on from there.

We are still sleeping in every morning and THEN indulging in siesta as well–what’s THAT about???

Our plan for today, (Day 11) for instance, was to head for Madrid on an early morning train, returning to Barcelona some time this evening. It didn’t happen. I woke up at around three a.m. and thought: I am not ready to make a trip to Madrid today. I need more information. I heard a voice from the next bed, Sister Sally saying, “Please tell me it isn’t time to get up.”

My sentiments exactly.

Our problem is that, by the time we get up and running, find something to eat, hit the cash machine, etc., it’s almost time for siesta! Lots of things are closed during siesta, though, fortunately, not the museums. Today, it’s the Spain’s national gallery of art–the name escapes me, but I will put it in later with pictures.

Madrid is still on the agenda, and the South of France, but Portugal, alas, is too far away. Another time.

Yesterday, we went to this huge shopping center on a street called the Diagonal–cracks me up. Who would have thought Barcelona would have it’s own Diagon Alley, like Harry Potter’s London? As I tweeted, most of the clothes seem to be cut for anorexic pygmies, but they are jazzy, and it was fun to look at them. Further from the tourist beat, this place offered many language challenges, but we survived. (Or, at least I did. Sally looked askance at the grilled octopus I had for lunch. Actually, quite tasty.)

I’m keeping up my ATC journal, and my regular journal is so full–I’ve been gluing in post cards and the ATCs–it won’t even close. Furthermore, there is real doubt that the poor book will be able to contain the whole trip. Yesterday, I bought an exact duplicate of the journal, for Volume 2.

And that’s the news from Barcelona.

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