Tuesday, Jul 16

Well, I spent yesterday and part of this morning working on the outline for the first book in the new series, tentatively titled, “The Brides of Petticoat County.”  Book 1, also tentatively titled (I’m waiting for the go-ahead from the powers that be), is called, “The Marriage Pact.”  The setting is Wyoming this time, and the hero is Tripp Galloway, pilot and owner of a fleet of private jets, back in Petticoat Creek to help his rancher stepfather out of a bad spot.  And darned if the cowboy life doesn’t look real good to Tripp, who’s tired of traveling and ready to put down roots.  Our heroine is Hadleigh Stevens, owner of a–wait for it!–quilt shop called “Patches”.  Quilts, of course, are my current fascination.  Anyway, Hadleigh’s always been in a little in love with her late brother Will’s best friend, but Tripp just sees her as his buddy’s gawky kid sister–until he gets another look at her, that is.  What a difference a decade makes. 
Of course they’ll have to get past that other thing that happened ten years ago….
So, why call today’s entry “Characters”?  Well, the art department at Harlequin is top-of-the-line, and johnny-on-the-spot, and they need descriptions so they can plan those super covers and videos they always put together.  So I’ve been hustling to come up with names and celebrity look-alikes for the first three heroes and heroines.  Jenni did most of the work and, being young, she’s more in touch with who’s hot–she downloaded some pictures for me and I made some selections.  Now I have foam boards with pictures glued on, names inscribed, and there’s still plenty of room for details like the color of a truck, the kind of horses the story calls for, etc.  Actually, this is quite inspiring, and I’m wondering why I’ve never tried it before.  🙂 
I think I spaced out a contest.  I’ll have Super-Jen look into it and announce some winners. 
We’re having the most wonderful weather–and I’m already cutting lettuce for fresh salads.  The radishes are a little puny, and hot as all get-out, but, hey, I’m learning.  My beloved peonies have been and gone, but the roses are kicking in, so it’s all good.  Tomatoes and squash are coming along, as are the cucumbers and white onions.  There’s no such thing, in my opinion, as too much salad.
The home improvements continue–about to have the house painted.
Well, I’m due in Petticoat Creek, so I’d better get rolling.
Be well, be happy, and be kind.

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