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Friday, Dec 13

Well, it’s been a fun trip so far, with more excitement coming  soon.
Wednesday night, when we arrived (we being Jenni, Wendy and me), we checked in at the Venetian and basically crashed, we were all so worn out.  The flights themselves were pleasant enough,  but travel is a hassle any way you look at it.  All that hurrying, and the security stuff, and the checking of bags–well, you know what I mean.  🙂
Thursday (yesterday) was the much-anticipated Justin Crisis Luncheon out at South Pointe Casino, a happenin’ kind of joint for sure.  The luncheon was great–Michael and Paula Gaughn, owners of South Pointe, are generous enough to donate not only the space (which is huge), but the food as well–to this very special cause.  You never know who will be in the audience…yesterday, it was Sarah Palin.  She’s seriously skinny, that woman, and very nice.
After lunch, I caught a cab to–wait for it–the Gem and Bead Mall, where I promptly went flat-out crazy.  What a great shop that is!!  After a couple of blissful hours, Misha the cab driver came back and I headed for the hotel, dropped off about 700 pounds of beads, and attended the Cowboy Christmas-type show downstairs–it was such a hike from the lobby that I wound up taking off my shoes and carrying them around with me.  Trust me, I’m bringing home some fun jewelry to give away on this blog in future contests–along with a pair of seriously sore feet.  🙂
I played slots for a while yesterday afternoon, and I actually did all right.  I don’t usually win in Vegas, though I’m lucky as heck back home at Northern Quest.  I’m carrying a couple of slot tickets around in my wallet, one of which is fairly good-sized.  🙂  I’m planning to play a little while longer before heading back out to South Pointe for the art auction I mentioned before.
But I’m getting ahead of myself.   I met up with friends for the second annual dinner at Ferraro’s–this time, Bob and Lynn Massi couldn’t join us, because there had been a death in their circle of friends (Bob and Lynn, we missed the two of you big-time)–and Robin Black couldn’t make it, either, though her wonderful husband, Steve, was there.  Buck and Goldie Taylor were in attendance, along with Mike and Nancy Berland, Bill Francis and Renae Kinsey, Wendy and Jenni and my favorite (and only) brother, Jerry.  This year there was a fabulous new addition–Adrian Zmed, of “Grease” and “T.J. Hooker” fame, along with many other parts.  Adrian is warm, funny and very intelligent–a pleasure to know. 
Buck, who as you know is an artist as well as an accomplished actor, brought my Michael Landon/Little Joe painting to unveil it, and I nearly wept.  My friends, it is AMAZING.  Goldie is going to frame it and bring it to me, since she doesn’t trust the mails, and I have a place of honor awaiting it in my office back at the Triple L.  If they can get permission from the Landon family, there will be a limited edition of prints eventually, but this is the ORIGINAL.  As far as I’m concerned, it’s a museum piece.
Needless to say, by the time we got back to the room, I was up for a hot bath with mineral salts and not much else. 🙂
I’m actually blogging in a hotel room!  Will the wonders never cease?         

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