Congratulations, Juanita Rice!

Friday, Jan 18

Our “favorite book” contest winner has been chosen.  Juanita, please respond to Jenni’s email asking for your snail info, and we’ll get your book and bracelet right out to you.
It sure is wintry today–cold and slippery and absolutely beautiful–in other words, a good day to stay in and work on “Big Sky Wedding”.  🙂
The next story, coming in June, is called “Big Sky Summer”, and it’s Casey Elder and Walker Parrish’s story. 
Not much excitement planned for this weekend–some art, some work, and trying out a new recipe or two.  I have some Weight Watcher’s cookbooks that will work just fine for the purpose, because Food Lovers is mostly about eating healthy food in reasonable portions.  It’s important to vary the food one eats, as boredom won’t lead me anywhere I want, or choose, to go. 
Tomorrow is my big day–the end of the 3 week induction program and the beginning of the rest of my life.  I’ll be weighing and measuring, as instructed, but the fact of the matter is, I already feel better! 
So the numbers aren’t going to matter as much as they once would have.
That’s what it’s all about, as I see it.  Feeling good.  (And, no, I’m not talking about the old if-it-feels-good-do-it thing.  That was dumb.) 
Remember my question, “What will I wish I’d done for myself in five years?”  Well, there are a number of answers to that one, of course, but for me one of the main ones is, “I’d wish I’d exercised, gotten more rest, and eaten healthy food.”  So, I’m exercising, getting more rest, and–well, you get it.  In five years, I want to be strong and active and most definitely writing books. I want to enjoy my friends and family and pets, travel, and learn new things. 
 Are you taking care of yourself, dear reader?  Or are you putting everyone else first–and forgetting that you’ll be no good to the people and critters you love if you wear yourself out and/or get sick.
Enough preaching for one day.  🙂
Enjoy your weekend, be safe and well and warm, and go out of your way to lend somebody a helping hand.  Nothing big, necessarily–a smile, opening a door for someone, deciding not to lay on your horn and shake your fist when somebody cuts you off in traffic.  🙂  If you could see inside that person’s heart and mind, you’d probably feel sympathy, not anger and frustration.
You’re all in my prayers.

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