Day 20, The Three Angels

Thursday, Apr 01

Today we checked off the last place on our Barcelona Top 10 sights to see–the beautiful Parc de la Ciutadella.

There, we saw the most gorgeous fountain, and a statue of an enormous mammoth. We had refreshments–a diet coke for Sal and a cafe Americano for me–and enjoyed the lovely weather and the families and the happy dogs trotting alongside their people. (Barcelona is extremely dog-friendly.) We snapped pictures of strange trees yet to be identified and took in all the sights except the zoo.

We have been warned repeatedly about pickpockets since our arrival nearly three weeks ago now, and we try to be careful all the time. As we were leaving the park today, we were juggling our bags and cameras to shrug out of our jackets, and three young girls stopped to speak to us. The language barrier was nearly insurmountable, but the spokesperson of this unlikely trio forged bravely on, glancing back nervously, working hard to get the message across. It finally distilled down to this: the girls had seen some thieves targeting us, and they’d been brave enough, and persistent enough, to get the message across to us.

If these girls are representative of our young people, and I sincerely believe they are, we can trust their leadership and their character.

There are always thieves, that’s true.

But there are also angels.

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