Day 5, Barcelona

Wednesday, Mar 17

We took half the bus tour yesterday, and today, we’re taking the other half. 🙂 Seems we might actually, finally, be over the jet lag that floored us from the first. Breakfast soon–the tapwater coffee isn’t quite making it. I’m dressed and cognizant, though my hair (there’s a mirror behind the hotel desk) makes me look like a villainess in a Tim Burton movie. I must, at some point in the night, sleep standing on my head. I can’t figure out what else would do these strange things to my golden tresses–unless, of course, I am being abducted by aliens at night and subjected to peculiar hairstyling experiments. 🙂

I told you I need coffee.

I would tell you all about the things we saw yesterday, from the bus, but the truth is, I don’t really know. The plug-in English was hard to decipher. We recognized the work of the famous Gaudi, of course, and since we have time, we’re planning on going back. For sure, we want to see the Picasso and Dali exhibits, and the inside of the magnificent cathedral across the street from our hotel. We are deliciously plan-free, however. We are on an adventure. When we’re curious about something we’ve seen, we just look it up in the guidebook when we get back to the hotel.

I bought a great apron for my collection yesterday–it’s ruffly, like a flamingo dancer’s skirt. Maybe I can figure out a Weight Watchers version of my beloved Boeuf-Bourg when I get home. 🙂

I continue to make the ATCs, and also to add to my journal. Last night we found the most gorgeous postcards–they’re holographic, so the images move. Just two country girls off in the big city, Sal and I practically chorused, “Well, golleeeeee!”

On to new adventures. After I see what I’m going to see, find out what it was I actually saw, I’ll give you the highlights.

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