Day 6, Barcelona

Thursday, Mar 18

No more tapwater coffee! I found a little pot to heat water and voila! Folgers.

We’ve been walking and seeing sights, and I’m sure my body is getting back in the exercise mode, so it’s all good. So far, my stand-out favorite food here is paella, though they make a mean smoked salmon sandwich downstairs. Yesterday, I must confess, I was served the single worst wine of my life in a little sidewalk tourist trap near the beyond-glorious Sagrada Familia, Gaudi’s breathtaking, amazing, incredible cathedral-in-progress—

Wine: yuck!
Cathedral: absolutely beautiful!

We saw more things from the bus, but the Sagrada Familia was definitely the highlight. How often does anyone from our time in history get to see a cathedral actually being built??? Maybe in 1242, or 1120, but 2010???? Remarkable! The inside of the structure is meant to feel like a forest, and it does–the columns expand into branch-like divisions at the top and there are palm fronds chiseled into the ceiling. I have become a fan of Antonio Gaudi, the architect of this wonderful celebration of faith and brilliance, and fortunately Barcelona is practically jammed with his buildings. We will be seeing Picasso and Dali exhibits soon.

Today, Sally goes in search of Harley-Davidson t-shirts and I catch up on a few writing details, right here in this lovely room.

Don’t worry, I won’t work my vacation away. Fact is, a morning in sounds pretty good to me, and I’ll be going out later on for sure.

We have stumbled upon the most wonderful, tiny shops. Mostly, I’ve bought things to make my ATCs–have been keeping up the journals, which is lots of fun. I’m forever scavenging paper napkins, brochures, anything with words or an image to fit on an ATC or into my journal.

And I finally got my flowers! Last night, out wandering, we found a flower shop and I bought Gerberra daisies, pink. They are in my collapsible vase, and they are a splash of wondrous color.

And that’s the news from my hotel-room desk.

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