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Wednesday, Apr 23

Being a gemstone/crystal buff, I regularly receive gemstones, crystals, and related items, such as grids and various pyramid shapes, and this morning was no exception.  Cousin Mary Ann always picks up the previous day’s mail (it arrives late in the afternoon) on her way to the house, and today she brought a package containing several gemstone bracelets I had ordered on eBay.  They are the stretchy kind–I have aspirations to make these myself, and I have the beads for it, but so far I haven’t got around to it–and there were four, one being a gift for my daughter.  I donned the other three immediately, without giving the matter much thought, since they were pretty.  Among these lovelies were one that would allegedly clear my aura of any unwanted energies or whatever (mind you, I viewed this bracelet and a counterpart as an experiment, by no means a sure thing), and one that was intended to align the chakras.  (I don’t know much about chakras, but I do believe there’s something to the theory.)  Anyway, I forgot I was wearing the bracelets and went on about my business, which this week is mainly brainstorming my outline for THE MARRIAGE CHARM. 
THE COMPUTER WENT HAYWIRE HERE.  I did my usual morning stuff, had lunch, etc.  I felt fine, full  of energy.  But by early afternoon, I found, to my surprise, that I could barely keep my eyes open.)  I crashed, joined by Bernice the Yorkie and my kitties, as usual, and I mean, I crashed.  This was no ordinary nap, my friends.  I was completely conked out–for several hours.  In fact, by the time I woke up, the crew had long since finished the day’s work and gone home.  Now, during this deep, deep sleep, I had some very intense dreams, another thing that usually doesn’t happen when I take an afternoon snooze–and I rarely do.
I was confounded by all of these elements–until I remembered I was wearing the bracelets. 
I could be mistaken, of course, but I couldn’t help concluding that this was a sort of theraputic knock-out, so the stones’ energy could get a start on my chakras and aura.  All I can say is, it resonates.  🙂
On another subject, I have two books to recommend this week, the actual print kind.  🙂  The first is MIRACLES NOW, by Gabrielle Bernstein, and the second is, I DECLARE, the Personal Application Guide, by Joel Osteen.  Both are really inspiring, more like devotionals than regular books, by which I mean, you read one entry per day.  I am so impressed, in fact, that I’m giving away one copy of MIRACLES NOW as a contest prize–one has already been sent to one of last week’s winners–and three more will be awarded over the coming weeks.
Listening: I buy most of my books on iTunes, but I also love, and I’ve had a membership for years.  Being on a ghost-story kick, (hence all the Jim Harold’s Campfire and Paranormal Podcast episodes I’ve been listening to lately), and Audible has a LOT of them.  At the moment, I’m listening to Steven Wolf’s GOT GHOSTS?  It’s fascinating.
Finally, tomorrow is Weight Watchers day, so the blog will be posted late in the day (though hopefully not as late as this one!).  Whether I’ve lost, gained or maintained, I’ll be reporting.
Well, my friends, that about covers the waterfront for today.
Think good thoughts, be kind to others and to yourself.

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