Easter Monday

Monday, Apr 09

It’s quiet around here today, and that’s good.  I’m starting a new book, and quiet is an important element in the process.  🙂
I hope you had a lovely and sacred Easter–mine was the stay-at-home and rest kind.  I did make a quick trip to the grocery store, but other than that, it was just veg-city around here.  Bernice and I made two visits to her favorite place in the world–the barn–one on Saturday and one on Sunday.  Then, since I gave the crew the day off, I took her out there again this morning.  (This is usually part of Jenni’s job, during the week.)  I did some artist trading cards–I guess that’s my equivalent of keeping a sketchbook.  I’m also putting together a couple of art journals–it took me a long time to get to the place where I could just let go and not worry about how the pages turned out.  It’s important, with things like art, to give myself permission to really suck at it.  🙂  Perfectionism is a paralyzing problem for me, one I have to work constantly to overcome.
It helps to remember that life is more process than event.
The weather is lovely today–it’s been all over the map this spring.  On the 4th, we had a heavy snowfall.  Other days, it seems like mid-summer.  Good thing I love variety.
Have you seen the video trailer for the new Big Sky series?  I love everything about it.
That’s the news for today, my friends.
More tomorrow.

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