Ego vs True Self

Monday, Oct 31

Okay, I think you get the idea about the internal house. The rest of the rooms, you can explore on your own, using your journal.

I have recently gone through a book called “The 30 Day Mental Diet”, by Willis Kinnear, given to me as a gift by my good friend, Jill Marie Landis. What an amazing experience it was! I’ve already had some powerful shifts because of the daily lessons in the book, and I’m always eager to share anything that works on my website. I’m currently enthralled by Eckhardt Tolle’s new book, “A New Earth.” If you’ve read his ground-breaking, “The Power of Now”, this will take you to the next level. If you’re not ready, it will sound like gibberish, and that’s okay, too. Buy the book, set it aside, and when the time is ripe, you’ll read it.

Basically, the premise of Tolle’s book is that we have two selves (at least)–the True Self, and the ego. Most of us, not being aware that we have a choice, live from the superficial ego part of ourselves. It struck me, as I was listening (I like books on CD, because I stare at words all day on a computer screen), that we seldom encounter a real person–only the ego-self they present to the world. It’s the ego that compares, criticizes and thinks in terms of me, me, me. But I’ve had the experience, especially in times of crisis or urgency, of a better self stepping forward and taking over. Haven’t you? And wouldn’t it be a better world if we learned to operate consciously from the True Self, instead of unconsciously, from the ego? The interesting thing is, everybody doesn’t have to get there. If enough of us make the shift, critical mass will kick in, and the whole collective consciousness will change!

Isn’t that exciting????

Let’s try it.

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