Exciting Weekend Ahead!

Thursday, Jul 14

My long-time friend, Jean, is coming to spend the weekend with me and we’re attending a wonderful art workshop together–I’ve been looking forward to this for weeks and weeks.  I’ll be sure to post some pictures on Monday–even video if I can manage it.  I’m getting better at this photography stuff.

Last night, I loaded my new language course from Rosetta Stone onto this laptop–French, levels 1-5.  I’m starting the first lesson today, after I finish my writing for the day.  Why French?  I’ve always found the language beautiful, but I have practical reasons, too.  I’m planning to spend all of July, 2012, in Paris.  In September of the same year, I’ll be returning to attend a week-long mixed-media class.  I don’t expect to be fluent by then, of course, but I should be able to chat with locals and shopkeepers and the like, and that’s good enough for me.  I’ve decided that learning languages is a good way to keep my brain in shape, whether I ever visit the country in question or not.   For now, though, I’m concentrating on mastering basic French.  🙂  Who knows, though?  One day, I may tackle Mandarin, just for the heck of it.  🙂

The sky is overcast today, and we’ve had more rain, but I’m not blue.  It’s still nice and warm out and, as you know, I find rainy days rather cozy–except when they go on for a week or more.

Did you watch my video interview?  Check it out, and don’t miss K-Mart’s contest–you have a chance to win your very own Creed Cowboys belt buckle, made by Montana Silversmiths.

Sadie is actually taking her medicine–I mix the powders in Apples and Chicken baby food, from Gerber, and stuff the pills into pieces of hot dog.  🙂  For now, it’s working, but as I’ve said before, Sadie is one crafty beagle.  Sooner or later, she’s bound to balk, and we’ll have to try yet another new tactic.  Bernicie, bless her little Yorkie heart, still loves liverwurst and, since she only takes two pills, as opposed to Sadie’s seven or eight, she’s easy.

I just finished listening to “A Stolen Life”, by Jaycee Dugard.  I remember when she went missing–there was a lot of media coverage, for a while.  Like all missing-child cases, it was heartbreaking.  Listening to her story was difficult in many ways, but I’m glad I stuck it out.  This woman’s courage is beyond belief and, like Elizabeth Smart, she’s a true inspiration.

And that’s the news from my kitchen table.

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