Feeling Better!

Wednesday, Jun 08

I’m feeling so much better today–what a difference a day of real rest can make.  I curled up with an audio book–Iit put me to sleep :)–and snoozed until late afternoon.  I ate chicken noodle soup and the incomparable potato salad Mary Ann brought over, and the house was quiet.

It’s back to work today and I’m eager to get back to Parable, because I left our heroine, Joslyn, in a difficult situation.  I hope she’s still speaking to me.  🙂

If I feel well enough to stay awake for a while, I’ll be watching movies tonight–my most recent downloads are “True Grit”, the Jeff Bridges version I LOVE, and “Tangled”, which looks like fun.

I mentioned reading “The Paper Garden” on my Nook–I found it just fascinating.  So fascinating, in fact, that I ordered a book containing photos of all the flowers.  The woman made 985 collages–her goal was 1000, but her eyesight gave out and she had to quit.  Given that she was in her 80s by then, and this was the 18th century, that’s pretty amazing.  I plan to read “The Necklace:Thirteen Women and the Experiment that Changed Their Lives” by Cheryl Jarvis next.  This is the true story of a group of friends who combined funds to purchase a fabulous diamond necklace, which they share.  (After saying that, I find that I’ve purchased the book but cannot access it.)  Oh, well.  I want to write anyway.

That’s the news for today.


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