Feeling Considerably Better

Wednesday, Jan 25

We even have sunshine today, though it’s very cold and the roads are too slick for Bernicie and I to go for our walk.  Maybe later–we took a short one yesterday, and she was practically bounding along, while I picked my cautious way between patches of ice.  There were four turkeys in the neighbors’ driveway, but I don’t think she even noticed them.  🙂  She’s old, and doesn’t see that well, methinks.  We met another dog at the top of the driveway–a portly and elderly gray-muzzled black lab.  He was quite benign, and gave a half-hearted woof at the sight of us–translation: ‘this is my part of the road so watch it’.  I smiled and we turned and went the other way.  Bernice had her nose to the ground and was either unfazed by the old gentleman or never knew he was there. 

I’m especially eager to get into the book, but I’m not very speedy.  🙂  Not sick anymore, just a little flimsy and fragile.  (OK, whiny.)

Now for the comments:  Thanks, all of you, for the kind words.  And Jessica, in response to your post–I would LOVE to see the McKettricks in a TV movie or better yet, a series.  Wouldn’t that be great????  There was some interest in such a project at one point, but nothing more was said.  The movie/TV business is like that–I think my friend Josanne spent something like five years getting “Last Chance Cafe” on Lifetime.  Nothing happens and nothing happens and then one fine day, the phone call comes in and it’s Nellie-bar-the-door.

Hope springs eternal.

And now, to work.


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