Finally Rested Up

Monday, Jul 02

Just in time to head out on a week-long trip to New York City.  On my to-do list?  Dinner at the Russian Tea Room with my beloved editor, Joan Marlow Golan.  The Flea Market.  Lee’s Art Supply–one of my faves–and the Ink Pad, a rubber stamp store.  My niece Kelly lives in D.C., and we’re hoping she can get away from her job for a little while and spend some time with us.
I spent the weekend in my messy/wonderful craft room, making more tiles out of polymer clay and whipping up a few artist trading cards, too.  For me, art is prayer in action–it restores and heals and calms me on every level.  Before, the space was a mess because nothing was sorted or put away.  NOW, it’s a mess because I’ve got some projects going.  Big difference mess-wise.
Wendy and Jeremy have arrived from California and will be spending the summer.  What a joy that is to me!  They’ll be going along on the NYC trip, too–Wendy went to school there for a couple of years and knows her way around.  They are staying out at the lake and Jeremy is going to whip both yards into shape—I was at an energy ebb in the early spring so didn’t get my usual deck garden planted.  Mary Ann and family gave me some lovely hanging plants for my birthday (along with that lovely bowl of homemade potato salad) so I do have some color out there.  The lilies I planted last year for my dad are thriving, too. 
Planning a barbecue with Wendy and Jeremy for the Fourth, and we’ll watch the fireworks if I can stay awake long enough.  🙂  I can’t believe it’s already JULY.  (Hutch and Kendra can, though–they are eager to come out of the chute in “Big Sky Mountain”, which will be available the last Tuesday of this month.
Thank you for your questions and comments–I love hearing from you.
That’s the news from the Triple L, at least for the moment.
Be kind, especially to yourselves.

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