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Wednesday, Nov 11

Sincerest thanks go out to every veteran of the United States Armed Forces, from George Washington’s Continental Army to the present day, and certainly to active-duty personnel serving everywhere in the world, along with their families.
The American way of life would not be possible without the brave men and women who protect us, night and day.  May God bless each and every one of you, and all those you hold dear. 
On this Veteran’s Day, and EVERY day, thank you.
Veteran’s Day is quiet on the Triple L; the ranch crew has the day off. 
I’ve been missing-in-action, in terms of this blog, for some time now, but I’m determined to get back on track.
First, my mom was quite ill for a while, and she was here recuperating.  She was a model patient, making no demands whatsoever, but I was exhausted by the time she’d recovered enough to return to her own place–not because I was slaving away, but because I was vigilant 24/7.  🙂 
In other news: I’ve adopted 2 cats, Button and Wiki.  Button was the first to join the family–he’s 20 years old, spry as a kitten, and cute as can be.  His first human mama passed away not too long ago–he needed a home and I needed a furry companion, so we joined forces.  (Whatever time we have together, we mean to make the most of it.)  Since Button came from a home with lots of other cats, all of whom had been placed with new families, I couldn’t shake the idea that he was lonely for feline companions, so I adopted Wiki, too.  Wiki is 10, a beautiful gray tabby and a real cuddler.  I’ll be posting their pictures on the blog as soon as I can get the little stinkers to stand still for longer than 1 second.  🙂
On the contest front: a new round will begin this coming Monday.  Things have been so discombuberated around here that I decided to start over from square one.  Two winners will be chosen at random from the comments on this blog, and their names will be announced here Monday after next.  Each will be notified by Miss Jen and subsequently receive an autographed copy of “Christmas in Mustang Creek”, my latest.
I have missed you.

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