Free Day? Right!

Wednesday, Feb 25

The best laid plans. Sadie-beagle woke up yesterday with a case of what we call “scooty-butt” around here, and it was off to her regular veterinarian. Anything further would constitute more information than you probably need :), so suffice it to say, she’s on antibiotics. She hates pills, so it’s a circus twice a day–I put it in her mouth, she spits it out (two or three times) and eventually swallows. She has a swimming lesson today, and her initial workup with the accupuncture doctor. I’m eager to hear the results of the assessment, and have already arranged for the Good Doctor to come out and have a look at the old Buckaroo. You can’t fight old age, but I want him to be as comfortable as possible. He still goes out with the other horses every day, but he’s definitely slowing down and shrinking. Inevitably, he’ll cross the River, but I take comfort in the belief that my dad will be there waiting, with a saddle blanket over one shoulder, Creed-style.

Speaking of Creeds, “Dylan” is in stores as of yesterday. Lookin’ good! I’m off to LA tomorrow morning, but I WILL blog, probably at odd hours, so be sure to stop by. The satellite media tour is on Friday–at the crack of dawn. One sits in a studio and does repeated interviews with TV stations all over the country. It’s rigorous, but also a lot of fun. Soon as it’s a wrap, as they say in Hollywood :), Wendy and I will be off to her place for some mother-daughter time. I can hardly wait.

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