Friday Again?

Friday, Sep 17

I started the new book yesterday! YES. “Creed’s Honor” is underway, and I will be forging on.

There was a blog clog yesterday–between the excitement of starting another story and a fairly routine doctor’s appointment, I just plain spaced it out.

I’m having a ball making Halloween themed ATCs (artist trading cards)–it’s lots of fun. I’m in a big trade, the 20 card mega-trade on Swapbot, and I’ve been working on those cards in my spare time for days. I started by cutting 20 pieces of that faux-tin-tile wallpaper I found on eBay, and gluing it down to the cards, then weighting them. I’ve applied three different layers of slow drying glaze–if they turn out, I’ll post a picture here. If they DON’T turn out, I may take up drinking. Just kidding, folks.

Finally solved the dog-pill problem–Sadie and Bernice can’t resist pill pouches.

The Banjo Man, my gelding bad-boy, was back at the vet’s again, as he developed a hoof abcess. Little (big) stinker. He loves to worry his mama and cost her as much money as possible. I’m glad to say he’ll be back home later today.

Folks and critters are always coming and going around here–Jen is off to Canada for holidays with family and friends. After the summer she’s put in, schlepping me to the ER and back and forth to clinics when I broke my wrist, among other duties, she’s definitely ready to get off the ranch for a while.

We have cloudy skies today. I love it.

Make it a good weekend.

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