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Monday, Jan 16

Wow.  You sure responded to that one.  Fun to hear so many different viewpoints–we’ll have to have more of these discussions.

The consensus seemed to be:

Full moons ARE different from other moons–I’ve always figured it was simple physics, ie, if the moon pulls at the tides, why wouldn’t it pull at little ole water-filled us?  (This last one, according to my MoonPhase app, was the Wolf Moon.  Don’t you love that name?)

Black cats, like all small furry folks, are wonderful.  🙂 

Some of you told great stories about things your grandmothers believed.  (My mom could never stand to see us play with crutches, I recall, because we might wind up needing them sometime.)

And you brought to mind one superstition I do believe in, because I’ve seen it happen so many times, growing up in a small town the way I did.  Big events–especially deaths–happen in threes.

Or maybe we just segment them that way.  🙂

If you could pick one hero, from one novel or from history or whatever, and marry him, who would you choose?

Dibs on Sam O’Ballivan, the Man from Stone Creek.

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