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Friday, Feb 18

Check this out, word lovers:

My friend Wendall Thomas told me about this site, where one can literally play with words, and make art with them! But be careful–it’s addictive. 🙂 You type or paste in text, and the program will scramble it, apply background colors, etc. There are a number of different fonts to choose from as well, and the home page features examples of other people’s designs. Very, VERY cool–thanks, Wendall.

I made chili and cornbread yesterday, and stuck both in the fridge overnight, once they’d cooled. The cornbread was divine–the secret? I used the Marie Callendar mix and followed package instructions to add a can of creamed corn. I may use different mixes, or work from scratch, but I will always add the corn. These two foods, like many others, are always better when they’re reheated. YUM. Happy lunch, happy supper.

What d.i.e.t.? 🙂

That’s the news, friends. Make it a good weekend.

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