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Thursday, Feb 27

Good news at Weight Watchers yesterday–I was down 3.6 pounds.  After being sick for so long, and therefore a little self-indulgent, this came as a pleasant surprise.  Keep in mind that this represents two weeks, as I wasn’t there last time.
The gemstone of the day?  Rock crystal.  I’ve had some pain in my right hip since last night–don’t know why–so I looked the malady up in my reference books and there was the recommended remedy.  I’ve been carrying a crystal around in each of my front jean pockets all morning and, guess what?  NO PAIN.
We’re in for about four solid days of snow here in Spokane, according to the weatherman, so maybe I’d better load up on sunstone, too.  🙂  (Among its other benefits, sunstone aids against depression and SAD.)  I laid in plenty of healthy groceries yesterday, after WW, just in case I get snowed in.
I expect to finish–yes, finish–THE MARRIAGE PACT today, although after my editor Paula and I confer, there will probably be a few changes to make.  Bright and early Monday morning, I’ll start writing CHRISTMAS IN MUSTANG CREEK, a whimsical holiday story with a touch of magic and, of course, romance.
I’m into a new series of Great Courses lectures, too–switched to THE JOY OF SCIENCE.  Science, like math, was a hard subject for me, and yet, since the advent of the Science Channel, I’ve become more interested in the subject, mainly because I can understand more.  Most of their programs, such as Morgan Freeman’s THROUGH THE WORMHOLE, a favorite of mine, are directed at the lay-person, instead of another scientist.  Ditto with THE JOY OF SCIENCE–the professor isn’t all highbrow and technical.  He’s talking to folks like me.  Inspired, I ordered a DVD series from the same company, called UNDERSTANDING THE BASICS OF MATH, or something like that.  It’s designed for high school students, according to the website, so I ought to be okay.  🙂 
How are math and science going to improve my life, you ask?  Well, at the very least, they will challenge my aging brain, building new dendrites (whatever those are), pathways, etc.  It’s really important to keep learning, from a physiological standpoint as well as for the usual reasons, like becoming more capable and feeling better about one’s self in general.  Plus, learning new things always sparks new story ideas.  And that can’t be bad. 
I’m excited about centering my next trilogy around gemstones and crystals, but for now, I want to concentrate of the Brides of Bliss County–Hadleigh, the heroine of THE MARRIAGE PACT, Melody Nolan, the next heroine and, finally, Becca “Bex” Stuart.  I’m so into this trilogy that, except for my signing at Nora’s store in July, I’m staying home for the whole summer to write.  My head and heart are buzzing with ideas.
Don’t forget that this week’s prizewinners will be announced tomorrow, and a new round will begin on Monday.  Never fear–you still have 2 chances to win Sherry Muchira’s wonderful CD or one of my necklaces, plus an autographed LLM book to go with each of those prizes.  In the near future, I’ll be giving away for copies of a wonderful book called POSITIVITY, along with more jewelry, so stay tuned and comment, comment, comment!

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