Good Intentions

Monday, Apr 06

I have so many good intentions.  Lately, though, it seems I’ve had a lot of trouble with follow-through.  🙂  What can I say? 
Our winners for the week are: Charlotte Litton and Meaux Hathaway.  Congratulations to both of you; you have been emailed for mailing info and when you respond with addresses, your autographed books will be on their way.  (Super Jen is handling notifications from a distance; she’s in Disneyland as we speak, enjoying a much deserved vacation with her beloved and his children.)  As always, a new contest begins today.  Simply comment, and you’re in.  Winners will receive an email from Jen and then be announced right here, on next Monday’s blog.
Yesterday, was Easter.
Today, it’s SNOWING!  And I’m talking big, fat, beautiful flakes, coming down in earnest.  What a strange and lovely planet this is.  🙂
Our Easter was quiet, and lovely.  I have not been feeling super-great lately, as you may have guessed, so we kept it simple.  I roasted a turkey, Jeremy boiled and mashed the potatoes and made gravy, and, with four dogs in temporary residence, there was lots of turkey-begging.  🙂  The dog tally: Marge, my grand-Golden Retriever, Lily, my grand-mutt, Bernice, my Yorkie, who will, by the way, be fifteen on the 14th of this month and is still incredibly spry, and, lastly, Punkin, who is staying with family members during the above-mentioned vacation.  It was chaos!  And it was lovely!
Snow aside, Spring has definitely arrived on the Triple L.  The lilacs are leafing out, the daffodils are up (heaven only knows what bright-yellow thoughts they have about this weather), the tulips are just about the open, the peonies and rose bushes are coming back from their long winter’s slumber.  We are regularly visited by wild turkeys, deer, and quail.  The smaller birds enjoy dining on the bounty, too–I have a statue of St. Francis in the back yard, and he has a bowl in his hands, which I keep filled with birdseed. 
I’ve been reading a lot–actual books, for once.  I just finished Joy Fielding’s new one, “Someone is Watching”.  I LOVE Fieldings’ suspense stories and wait eagerly for each new release.  I am still one of’s very best customers, however.  In fact, I just downloaded a whole slug of new books.  I’m also enjoying my Kindle, having just discovered a new (to me) author, Barbara Brown Taylor.  Her memoir, “Leaving Church”, is fascinating, and her writing is downright lyrical.  And that’s as far as I trust my computer not to eat another blog entry.  🙂

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