Happy Birthday, Angela!

Wednesday, Aug 18

My beautiful niece, Angela, is celebrating her birthday today. I’m so proud of this girl–she’s a crackerjack teacher, and as lovely on the inside as she is on the outside, which is saying something! I love you, sweetheart.

It probably won’t come as a surprise to anyone but me that getting over this broken wrist of mine is taking longer than I expected. I’m plugging away, but things are going pretty slowly.

My tomatoes are a bust. They’ve come down with some kind of rot, and the powdered-milk treatment has been a failure, even though it worked last year. Go figure. I’m not giving up, though. I am too fond of homegrown tomatoes to do that. 🙂 The zukes just keep on coming–it’s a good thing I love them.

I was afraid my injury would set me back with the d.i.e.t.–that I’d go wild with comfort food or something–but I’m pleased to report that that didn’t happen. I had to make a few slight alterations, all temporary, but my weight is still going down.

Well, I’d best get back to work.

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