Happy Monday

Monday, Apr 30

Well, I had the wonderful, restorative weekend I’d planned for myself.  I managed to brave Costco on Friday afternoon–it was still crazy-busy–but now I’ve laid in my bushel of Splenda, etc.  🙂
Sa  turday morning, Bernicie and I made our usual jaunt to the barn.  I listened to “The Journal Keeper” by Phyllis Therox while Neecie searched high and low–well, mostly low–for the ever elusive mice.  I heard plenty of squeaking, translation: look out, that really little horse is back!
On Saturday afternoon, I went to Hobby Lobby.  I didn’t need much from there, but I still managed to find a few things I couldn’t live without, like this wonderful scrapbook paper decorated with festive pastel banners.  🙂  I’ve already made an artist trading card and added some to my journal.  I painted some tags with sunflowers and shaded them with a charcoal pencil–they look pretty darn good.  🙂
Early to bed on Saturday, as I was worn out from all that fun.
Sunday, back to the barn with Bernicie.  Twice.  I enjoyed more art therapy in between.
Today, of course, is a work day–I will read through what I’ve written so far for consistency, etc., and flesh out #7, which I wrote on Friday.  I have group this afternoon, so I probably won’t get any more writing done, but you never know.  I managed to write some 2500 words on Friday, after Costco, yet, to meet my quota.
Our weather–well, let’s just say we’re preventing future forest fires and making sure the May and June flowers have a good, wet start.
And that’s the news from my kitchen table.

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