Haunted hotels

Sunday, Jun 12

I’m leaving for Prescott in an hour or so, to appear on TV, promoting McKettrick’s Choice, and look at property. I’d love to have a get-away place, somewhere in the high country. I’m picturing plenty of grass and water for the horses, and a good yard where the dogs can play. Sadie’s gotten so fat, we call her the Buddha Beagle.
Some of you are probably waiting for an update on the night at the haunted hotel. I wish I had something exciting to report, but the truth is, I slept like a rock and if there were any ghosts around, they didn’t get my attention. In fact, there is some evidence that they came up here, to Springwater Station, to heckle Mary Ann, my cousin and housekeeper, who was here on dog-nanny duty. She barely got a wink of sleep for all the carrying on!
The Hotel San Carlos, in downtown Phoenix, is a wonderful old place, though, with marble floors in the lobby, and crystal chandeliers. It’s very elegant, in a 40s sort of way, and in fact many movie stars of that era stayed there. To this day, there is a Spencer Tracy suite (he was one of my all-time favorites), a Cary Grant suite (need I say more? God outdid Himself the day He made that man), and a suite named for Marilyn Monroe, who was also a regular guest.
While I didn’t see any ghosts, my daughter Wendy, niece Jenni, and I sat out by the pool and had the absolute best conversation about mythology and story.
It’s all about story. I live and breathe story.
I’ll be back Tuesday morning.

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